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Accelerate Your Importing Business with

rapid import

Are you looking to launch or grow an e-commerce business that relies on rapid importing and shipping of products? If so, starting with the right domain name is key to building credibility and driving customer traffic. 

I’m selling – this premium, keyword-rich domain communicates professionalism and sets the stage for rapid growth.

About the Domain:

  • utilizes the highly-relevant primary keyword “rapid import”. This makes it easy for customers to instantly understand your business model.
  • The .com extension is the most trusted domain extension, which establishes credibility and improves click-through rate.
  • The name is short, memorable, and clearly describes an expedited import service.

Keyword Targeting Potential:

  • The core term “rapid import” has approximately 10,000 monthly searches globally. Source: Ahrefs
  • Related keywords like “quick shipping imports” and “fast product imports” have strong search volumes as well.
  • A site on could tap into 50,000+ searches per month around expedited import keywords.

Cost Per Click Value:

  • Google Ads cost per click for “rapid import” is around $1.50 globally. (Source: Google Keyword Planner)
  • Low competition for this commercial keyword means conversions are likely at a reasonable CPC.

Memorability & Trust:

  • is easy to remember and spells out your expedited importing service.
  • The .com extension improves click-through rate and search rankings.

Asking Price:

Based on the above valuation factors, I’m asking $44,999 for this premium domain name. The price reflects the quality of the name, vast keyword potential, and benefits for an importing business.

Purchase this domain to immediately boost your importing brand. Contact [[email protected]] to buy now or make an offer below! I’m happy to provide more details on the valuation estimate.


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